Maison Gersdorff is a family-owned hospitality group offering unique hospitality experiences.

We currently own the NE5T Hotel & Spa****, the restaurant La Plage d’Amée*, the Pepite city guides, the Tilleuls Étretat and the restaurant La Table de Demain, in Belgium and France.

We are also investing our time in the creation of the Maison Gersdorff Foundation focused on sustainable agriculture and social inclusion initiatives.


This is the story of a family saga that begins over 30 years ago, driven by a desire to offer quality to their clients, and create places where they feel at home.


After several years of experience in the most prestigious restaurants in Paris, Christine and Benoit Gersdorff take on the adventure of opening their first restaurant L’Essentiel in Temploux, Namur. One year later in 1996, Benoit Gersdorff becomes a Michelin star chef. In 2005, the Gersdorff touch takes over La Plage D’Amée, which quickly becomes a trendy gastronomic restaurant overlooking the Meuse in Namur.


The entrepreneurial spirit of Christine and Benoit Gersdorff then brings them to hospitality. In 2002, they acquired an old farm located in the heart of the Citadel of Namur. After nearly ten years of renovation and reconstruction stone by stone, the NE5T Hotel & Spa was inaugurated in 2012.


Now accompanied by their daughter Camille, also the founder of the city guides Pepite and their son Guillaume, they open two new establishments Les Tilleuls, a hotel particulier in Etretat and the restaurant La Table de Demain in the cultural center of Namur at the order of Guillaume.

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