Presented during the MIPIM in Cannes in March 2017, the Projet D’O is more than just a real estate project, it addresses the inevitable environmental issues of this century.

‘Projet D’O’ is following a sustainable logic with two eco-houses on the education of urban agriculture. The building is designed to be self-sufficient, and includes a gastronomic restaurant, an urban cafe, a rooftop bar, meetings rooms, and a shopping area.

The project further includes a floating hotel with 12 catamaran-rooms. The floating hotel is undoubtedly the most innovative part of this project. The “Houseboat” principle is already appreciated in the United States and in Northern Europe, but is still relatively unknown in Western Europe. The suites, independent of each other, are often built on the basis of a catamaran hull, with composite materials or aluminium, which reduces the ecological impact. Each of these innovative catamaran-rooms is using renewable energies and can also sail, giving the guests the freedom to choose the ideal place for breakfast or simply to relax.

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